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Gym Facilities & Fitness Classes

We help you discover fresh ways to get active and find your fitness passion. Whatever your choice of gym equipment, racquet sport, or exercise class and body stretch preference, we’ve got everything covered. Whether you want to find your new personal best, go with the yoga flow, upgrade your fitness or even think outside the fitness box… At David Lloyd Clubs, we integrate health, fitness and well-being, entirely under one club.
Gym Personal Training session

Gym equipment

When it comes to how our members exercise and train and their choice of equipment, we know everyone has their preferences. That’s why we’ve integrated specialised areas into our clubs; you’ll find dedicated zones for free weights, cardio fitness, functional training areas and state-of-the-art gym equipment, situated within accessible, open-plan layouts. That’s not all, you’ll find a wide-range of equipment to choose from to hit your fitness goals and find your new personal best. 

David Lloyd Clubs Yoga

Fitness Classes

Here at David Lloyd, we know exercising with other people is a great way to stay motivated and we love to see your motivation soar in our regular group exercise classes, which run daily throughout the week.  Our dedicated fitness studios run instructor-led group classes and combine with group virtual cycling classes. You’ll find our class timetable covers a range of fitness interests; from our high impact studios where you’ll find circuit training, interval training and LesMILLS classes. And our Group Cycling Studios and Mind & Body studios, which hold holistic-style classes such as yoga, Pilates and BodyBalance. 

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Personal trainers

Whether you need some help training for a new challenge or you just need some support maintaining your motivation, our Personal Trainers are the best in the business.  You’ll find our trainers really friendly and readily available to help out. They will provide expert advice and encouragement, when you need it. You’ll start seeing results in no time.

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